The Oregon Tow Truck Association (OTTA), a non profit Trade Association was established in December 1978.  OTTA was the realization of a few dedicated towers that foresaw the need for one voice representing our industry.  At the time, there were two existing associations, The Northwest Towing Association, founded on August 27th, 1963 and the Independent Towers of Oregon founded in May of 1972.  They realized what we still know to be true today, in order to further our industry, we would need to unite together so that our voice could be heard.

Since the formation of the Oregon Tow Truck Association, we have been fortunate to have had a succession of strong leadership who have worked to improve the image of the industry.  Their hard work and dedication has seen the Association grow which has brought
with it many rewards; we have become a recognized voice in Salem and respected as a contributor to the state.  Our quarterly news letter and meetings keep our members informed. OTTA has participated in various Tow Shows with surrounding states, giving our members opportunity to stay on top of the latest equipment.  And lastly our relationships with the Oregon State Police, County and Local police agencies have improved with the assistance of our past presidents and Executive Director, Al Elkins who came on board in 1984.

OTTA is now the primary contact by local and state authorities.  We have become recognized as an association lawmakers are willing to invite onto legislative panels to gain the industries perspective and experience when looking at laws that will affect our industry.
Several of our past and present board members still serve on either committees or panels through out the year.  They are always willing to volunteer their time.  When legislation is in session, you will frequently find them in Salem, spending untold hours working on your behalf, either on the above mentioned work groups or testifying in front of the various committees.  Because of this tireless commitment from your board, Al Elkins and our continued support of our member we are able to have significant input at the state level.